31 October, 2010

Halloween Hip-Hop Class

30 October, 2010

Statues in the Capitol: liked the drapery.

29 October, 2010

A proper brush pen excursion. Northern Virginia, and more specifically, the suburbs of D.C. People look funny here. My drawing doesn't begin to define the dimensions of this uniqueness. Hard not to notice a certain hard-bitten homeliness that makes for a seriousness that is not the seriousness of airy academia. The massive magnetic pull of the capital it felt in every crease and line. Don't think much about the capital as a physical place at home, but you get near and suddenly you're imgining every person in line at the grocery store is a lobbyist.

Even the baristas.
UPDATE: I screwed up the post time for this--you were supposed to see it t 7:52 A.m.

28 October, 2010

Pastoral setting of Northern Virginia. Includes tornado warnings.

27 October, 2010

Out of date, but just transferred over.

26 October, 2010

R. E. Lee Episcopal Church in Lexington, VA. The church sits right on the W&L campus; Blair attended all through her college years. Done on the iPad in finger-paint mode.

Good news: I found my stylus.

25 October, 2010

OK, I am not one to share YouTube links--I understand most people share them with the very best of intent, but I find it irritating in the same way that my friends and family find me annoying when I routinely interrupt whatever they're doing and badger them (again, with the best of intent) to look at whatever I've just stumbled across in my reading.

HOWEVER, in the spirit of Halloween, I've got to share this video snippet.

It took a while to track this movie down. I'd caught it once, on TCM, during that channel's broad-minded celebration of the film "Chariot of the Gods" and it's offspring (y'know, those UFO psuedo-documentaries from the 70's obsessed with proving a connection between extraterrestrials and ancient man).

The film is called "Mysteries From Beyond Earth" (available on DVD--and Ellis, don't think I ain't ordering you a copy), a film so obscure IMDB doesn't have much to say about it.

In fact, Ellis, it was your post on the immortal Paul Frees that got me thinking of this: when I first saw this film, I mistook the narrator for Paul Frees. No longer.

The narrator of "M.F.B.E." is someone named Lawrence Dobkin, (a man IMDB tells us is one of only two men to both act in, and direct an episode of the original "Star Trek" TV series, but whose extensive list of credits on his IMDB page fails to mention "M.F.B.E.")  As you'll see, not only is his voice gargantuan, his demeanor is fantastic--just watch for his slide-show film advance gesture. Priceless!

There is a line of dialogue unfortunately not included in this clip. At one point he asks the rhetorical question, "why can't man travel between the stars, like these extraterrestrials?" and quickly cites the dangers of "cosmic rays." He describes their danger thus, with barely concealed rage: "The power of these cosmic rays is so great, should a crew of astronauts travel into deep space, they would return to earth a pack of gibbering idiots."

More iPad, this time from the National Museum of the American Indian in D.C. Really great museum, and an amazing museum cafe--even if you've only got time for the Aerospace Museum next door, eat at this museum--admission is free, (like all of the D.C. museums). The cafeteria here is divided into 5 (?) serving stations, each featuring cuisine from a corresponding area of the Americas--fer inst, turkey and cranberries and cornbread from the New England area, tortillas and pablano from the southwest,  wild rice, salmon and bison (!) from the northwest/Pacific, etc., etc. These are inexcusably bland descriptions of the fare--we had a julienne'ed squash that was presented like a pasta, a wheat berry salad, a dish of roasted root veggies, spicy Mexican hot chocolate (which I spilled--oof), a buffalo chili on "fry bread."

Really good stuff.

22 October, 2010

There's a weird moray (morey?) pattern on him, isn't there? Don't know where that's coming from....
Drawn on iPad (with fat finger) in the W&L administration building. I was sent there for not agreeing to vote for Meg Whitman.
What righteous fury burns in the heart of this man?
Did you like the album cover? You can get this on vinyl, or on iTunes! Quality stuff that you and the whole family can enjoy. And I did the cover. Of Peet!

20 October, 2010

Another Roma player, Taddei.

Shares his name with an early Renaissance painter...

...and wears a face like a sex offender's.

But they won.

(just sketched while watching the game...I think it's a pretty good likeness)

19 October, 2010

My Serie A team has been, and will remain, AS Roma. Currently their lineup looks a little...scabrous (and I haven't even drawn Mexes or Menez, Vukinic or DeRossi).

But they won this weekend. So, hooray.

18 October, 2010

Hey, let's do a compar-o: my brush pen LeBrun vs. the real thing (and yes, that's brush pen I used--it's just dusty with dryness).
 Hey, in my defense I was seated kinda cock-eyed to the thing...

17 October, 2010

Got to go to the Getty with Blair last Friday. Visiting her dissertation adviser, a really lovely lady who's written a couple great art history books. Heard the drawing curator give a tour of their latest little print exhibit, Charles LeBrun.

I love the French way of pronouncing "Charles."

Check it!

Makes my brush pens look a little shabby, non?

Oh, shoot: exhibit closed today.


09 October, 2010

My hearing is famously poor. Yesterday driving for morning coffee the NPR announcer came on and began reciting the "This program brought to you by..." laundry list. She got to a language education company and I heard:

"And for fluency in a new tongue, try Pimps Learn Language, the software that let's you learn at your own speed--"

I do a "Say what--?!" take. Blair asks, "What's wrong?"

I tell her.

Exasperated (this happens all the time), she corrects me, "They said Pimsler Language--Pimsler Language!!"

"Not, Pimps Learn Language?"

"We really need to have your ears checked...."

(From Broken Star--I'm going to do a better job on him--you won't believe who this actor is)

08 October, 2010

Kids get so intense in the Apple Store. I needed to show how age-inappropriate it looked for this 12 year-old to be sitting at the 4 year-old table, pounding on the keyboard...His brother felt the same way and captured it on his iPhone.

07 October, 2010

Returning to BPB's roots.

Drawn on iPad while drinking morning coffee.

In order to post this sort of thing while "about town", I email image from iPad to myself, then download it on laptop, convert it to jpeg in Pho'sho', and upload it...

Piece o' cake.

05 October, 2010

Sketched in Par-ee, loitering in the Tuileries with a couple cute chicks. I doubt he was even 16, but already hard at work perfecting that veneer of soulful brooding (a great strategy for masking mere adolescent moodiness--but who knows? maybe this was true "soul"?). 

Ladies, did you ever love yourself some bad boy?

04 October, 2010

From "Broken Star," a movie I want to comment on--but not today. Sketched on the iPad while waiting for Roma-Napoli to start.

I should have stayed in bed.

03 October, 2010

Drawn while watching "Broken Star" on the Western Channel.

Watching Roma lose to Napoli. Damn.

01 October, 2010

Breakfast interlocutor.

Young but skeevy.

I declined his offer of early morning banter.

He then approached a middle school kid with the "Bro, wassup?" routine.

Donut enthusiast--or drug dealer?