25 October, 2010

More iPad, this time from the National Museum of the American Indian in D.C. Really great museum, and an amazing museum cafe--even if you've only got time for the Aerospace Museum next door, eat at this museum--admission is free, (like all of the D.C. museums). The cafeteria here is divided into 5 (?) serving stations, each featuring cuisine from a corresponding area of the Americas--fer inst, turkey and cranberries and cornbread from the New England area, tortillas and pablano from the southwest,  wild rice, salmon and bison (!) from the northwest/Pacific, etc., etc. These are inexcusably bland descriptions of the fare--we had a julienne'ed squash that was presented like a pasta, a wheat berry salad, a dish of roasted root veggies, spicy Mexican hot chocolate (which I spilled--oof), a buffalo chili on "fry bread."

Really good stuff.

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