24 September, 2010

iPhone sketch--some of it done by finger.

(Spectating at a dance class.)

"Swing, baby! You're platinum!"

23 September, 2010

Look what I found while going through our storage unit: evidence from Dear Wife's time in Japan. They wanted hip Anglo kids to hock wild quilt furniture.


(This is the second use of the word "Anglo" in as many days on this blog. Just saying.)

She claims no music was running through headphones. I bet she was grooving to Joy Division...or maybe Olivia Newton John.

Happy Anniversary, baby!

22 September, 2010

Among many, many other issues the 60's film "Flight To Fury" attempts to tackle is interracial marriage. Here Asian Industrialist contemplates his Anglo wife contemplating. They are moments away from a plane crash. Literally.

17 September, 2010

The 80's are back!!

Zebra action bandanna spotted warming neck of young high schooler--just in time for Sarah Fix's Birthday! (Sarah, I know you wore one of these...get yr Hazy Fantazy on!)

(spotted on drive-by--done from memory--I failed to capture that air of early morning stupor)

15 September, 2010

Real brush pen. Finally scanning some stuff from Paris '08 trip.

13 September, 2010


(Created using a quaint old technique where actual ink flows thru actual bristles and is then applied to actual paper)

12 September, 2010

Our driver to the airport. Drive made uncomfortable by growing suspicion he was sloshed.

Otherwise, Idaho's village of Ketchum/Sun Valley and the surrounding mountains enchanted us totally.

09 September, 2010

Raining in Sun Valley today--spectacular! Done on the iPad with SketchBook Pro--I like the design-y-ness of trees in front.

08 September, 2010

Dawn at LAX.

Detail gets too pixelated in translation, and face is way too purple, but otherwise I was happy with this SketchBook Pro effort--done on iPhone with stylus while waiting for flight.

You can see my wonky perspective in full shot. But fun to use color again!

07 September, 2010

I'm cheating by backdating, but hey, I'm in transit.

06 September, 2010

Sketchbook Pro on iPad.