31 March, 2013

A drawing for Beata's bro Peter. He's a big Disney fan--and I'm a big Blaine Gibson fan (the guy who sculpted so many of the Disneyland audio-animatronic figures).

29 March, 2013

For my sister-in-law. The nieces (and nephew)!

28 March, 2013

My buddy Bry got a flat tire today on his way to work...at 4 a.m.

27 March, 2013

Beata's Brushpen Breakfast drawing. She loves the Magyar Stomp!

26 March, 2013

Did I show y'all the marker drawing I did for the Family Schmitz?

I've been beaver-busy making drawings--either commissioned ones like the above, or brushpen dedicatory sketches for each Brushpen Breakfast book I sell (and they have been selling--thank you!). But I have trouble managing the timing for the blog--I finish a drawing, scan it, and send it off to its new home--but I don't want to post it until the recipient gets a first look. So images like this one linger unseen while my backlog grows...until I remember to post them, that is.

p.s. I have lost all ability to draw myself.

24 March, 2013

My man Carlo bought a copy of BPB at House of Secrets, (Burbank's finest comics establishment)...
...and duly found himself (and baby Sofia!) subject of a dedicatory drawing!

22 March, 2013

20 March, 2013

I bought this card about four years ago...I knew I could do something fun with it, but wasn't sure what.
Then along came my cousin Mimi's 20th birthday...my 6'2" cousin who plays rugby for Long Beach State. And I had my punchline! When she opens the card, she'll see....

18 March, 2013

One of the coolest parts of going to ECCC was meeting other like-minded artists. Rick and I (Rick who? Why, the indispensible Rick Schmitz, of course) were fortunate to have our table plunked into a row of superstar talent--Bruce Timm, Aaron Lopresti, and this man, Andy Suriano. Andy is a terrific artist who works for Disney (and worked on those new Mickey Mouse shorts--wow!). Art of Fiction has put out a super-nice, hardbound sketchbook of Andy's stuff--and he's one of those rare artists who deserves the honor. He bought a BPB Book (thanks, Andy!), and I brushed a quick tribute inside (Andy is a superb channeler of that Jack Kirby magic).

Check out this post on Andy's site--it shows a few of his ECCC sketches. Such great stuff...I was so bowled over I went up to him Sunday and said dude, I need an Andy original. Me commissioning another artist is a rare thing--but I just had to get a drawing. I insisted on paying. He asked what I wanted, and I gave him a two word answer: Big Barda. Nothing else. And he comes back with this. Battle armor! Evil minion! War club!!

I think he knocked it clear outta the park. So cool!

12 March, 2013

Have you ever heard of the "Warriors" book series? A childrens book series where the protagonist are...warrior cats?!?

My friend's daughter is kinda obsessed. As her smash-face tabby is learning.

11 March, 2013

10 March, 2013


I gave purchasers of my little book two pricing options: $15 for a book with a modest doodle, $20 for a book with a more elaborate drawing. How I got the idea into my head that doing an in-person ink portrait/caricature at the $15 level as a "quickie doodle," I don't know.

But it was fun! Overdeliver, they say, right??

08 March, 2013

Brushpen Breakfast the Book--on the shelf at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon!! Thanks, Tim!! (Also available at Cosmic Monkey in the Hollywood district--thanks, Adam!!)

07 March, 2013

Alex came up to the table, looked at our wares, paused at Rick's sketchbook and asked, "Can you make a drawing like this?" I told him that was my tablemate, and that tablemate happened to be out on the floor with his family for the next little while...did he want me to do a drawing in the meantime?

"Yeah...I guess."

He didn't sound too enthused.

"I'll make it cartoony. What would you like me to draw?"

"A German Shepherd."


(Thank goodness he had his phone with a couple (bad) photos. But, still....)

I went all out. Rick showed up and he got his Schmitz drawing, but he seemed really pleased with what I did, too (note bandages on forelegs--recent vet visit, hence sad dog look).


05 March, 2013

I drew the world famous Tom Moon, and lived to tell about it.