01 October, 2008

This one didn't come out the way I wanted it to. It's supposed to be a strong cast shadow obscuring a face as it peers out from behind the protective crook of a tree.

Again from my recent storyboard experiment (my own stuff, though it owes a debt to Ellis Goodson). The three images posted here over the last few days give the (erroneous) impression of a story far more mysterious than what I've really managed to concoct....But a good image for kicking off the month that brings us Halloween.

p.s. I only used two colors for this, a red pencil and a purple pencil (Polychromos by Faber-Castel), and maybe a little desaturation slider in Pho'Sho' (Photoshop) (I think)? I love it when you can get a lot of color out of a limited palette. I do a lot of rubbing with my thumb to mix the colors better, and then erase a little, then add a little more pencil, then rub again, etc.