31 March, 2011

Art lover. I want to do more caricatures of old art, esp'ly sculptures.
Just sayin'.

30 March, 2011

These guys were a crack up!
Actually, they weren't funny at all. But I loved the look of 'em--the contrast. Y'know....Art Historians!

29 March, 2011


From the Getty Conference on the display of art in the palaces and villas of Rome.

28 March, 2011


Like out of a stylish Italian flick from the 60's--Mario Bava and his ilk.

Just sayin'....

27 March, 2011

You never get as far on these as you'd like. Somebody walks away or the lights dim and you're on to the next drawing. Wish I would have gotten the name placard in for lady on left--she was very nice. She's from Rome and her favorite palazzo in the city is Palazzo Spada. Just sayin'....

26 March, 2011

The intensity of the audience (AKA the inevitable over-the-shoulder audience portrait). From the Getty's Roman Palaces & Villas conference (I was merely an amused bystander).

25 March, 2011

Today I begin a series that comes from an art history conference at the Getty.

Oh, the faces you see at such an event!! Subject was Roman Palaces and Villas. And side exhaust nostrils.

24 March, 2011

Family scene in Santa Monica...does that make it extra-poignant?

23 March, 2011

The reason for the wonky sign in the middle of this drawing is...??

22 March, 2011

I used to wish I was taller.

Now I just wish I was better at hands.

The mellow grandeur of the rastafarian at play--in Tomorrowland.

(Spotted waiting in line for the Nemo-themed sub ride revamp--am I the only one who felt a little underwhelmed? Seemed like a too-pat moment of marketing "synergy"--am I just too corrupted by adult knowledge? Probably I just miss the pseudo-scientific justification of the original--"And mermaids!".)

21 March, 2011

All real people, all drawn while wandering Disneyland.

The girls were prettier--but then, I always struggle with pretty.

20 March, 2011

Sunday morning breakfast...on a Tuesday a month ago.

I loved this guy--he looked like some British actor transplanted to Santa Monica and living the good life.

19 March, 2011

I've joined this Facebook caricature group. This week's theme is Japan. I chose Empress Michiko.

...could you tell?

I made up the pose and the expression--everything, really--I came up with it while looking at a buncha  pix of her (Google Images, 'natch), but sadly I think it looks like a unimaginative copy done from a single photographic source. Bland....

Still, does she look like QE2's sister or what?

18 March, 2011

Pencil for Friday (I should start a "Felt-Tip Friday"). I arranged a riding lesson for Blair's birthday--she hadn't been on a horse for years. Lots of fun to see her with the crop in her hand, and wind in her...helmet.

I have never been very solid on quadrapeds. One day this will improve.

17 March, 2011

This was interesting.

Girl in Santa Monica wearing a very old fashioned hat. Can you tell it's a hat? Those are feathers drooping forward.

I ran out of page and then I messed up the far side of her face.  Shadows are hard in brushpen--it's either black or it's daredevil.

So I cleaned it up a little in PhoSho...please forgive my post-scan manipulation.

Girls are hard.

16 March, 2011

John Ireland is an actor who just looks to be carrying some kind of socially transmitted disease, no?

(You know what I mean by social, don't you?)
These images come from watching "A Walk In The Sun," a 1946 WWII film, and one of Lloyd Bridges' earliest roles. I did this drawing of Lloyd while watching, and then the next day opened my KUSC Classical newsletter to find this picture of composer and keyboard virtuoso Franz Liszt. Was Bridges born to play Liszt in the biopic, or what?

"Stand down, Julian Sands!"

15 March, 2011

Partly, it's just a reminder of our shared humanity.

...and hair issues.

14 March, 2011

The poignancy of the Japanese tourist. Spied at Disneyland in a pre-quake world.

13 March, 2011

Some of my least favorite friends are artists.

12 March, 2011


From a recent day at Disneyland with the McMahons. Drawn during the interminable Roger Rabbit line (I strongly suggest Fast Passing). It's shaky, but hey, it's hard to do a likeness while walking in line...right?

Hope this cheers people up.

11 March, 2011

Heads bowed. Watched live Japan coverage last night. Unbelievable footage of pastoral landscape  devoured by tsunami. From the air the water looked so slow, but so inexorable. When they turned the helicopter camera back out to sea and you were able to watch a new tidal wave form and roll into shore...you felt like you were watching the birth of the world. Primordial, biblical. Unbelievable--and absolutely hair-raising.

I don't want to mouth empty pieties. But I couldn't watch those fleeing cars being swept away by the water and not be deeply worried.

Also, bad timing for my in-laws' trip to Tokyo. They arrived the day before (everyone is fine--but no one's idea of a vacation after that).


10 March, 2011

I don't much care for violin concertos. Or the heroin.

09 March, 2011

I made God a promise. For Lent I will give up not posting a new drawing everyday on this blog.