20 August, 2013

Forgot this one. From E.C.C.C.

Overheard: "I thought they'd have more talent here...."

14 August, 2013

A trip to the DMV. The little girl's second question was if I spoke Arabic. She was in a tooth-transition period, with just a couple of them visible. I tried to get that in, but the result looked awful--like I was deliberately trying to make her look ugly (I wasn't!). So I blacked 'em out, and instead gave her...gum smile.

p.s. both kids markedly underwhelmed by their portraits. And I agree--I always fold under that kind of pressure. Never make it as a SeaWorld/Disneyland caricaturist.

09 August, 2013

Aprés la guerre....

08 August, 2013


06 August, 2013

...and IT'S ON!!

05 August, 2013

Someone to fight that Barbarian....

03 August, 2013

I got into doing this series of "The Barbarian's Life..." for the back of these sketchbooks. I think barbarians are funny--esp'ly when with high foreheads and short bangs!

02 August, 2013

Stuart Ng just informed me that they sold out of their allotment of "Brushpen Breakfast" at Comic Con (hooray!).

Better still, they've asked for another ten copies. I sold 'em eleven. This is one of the "bonus" drawings I did in the back of each one (and Stuart's fave).