21 February, 2014

Chubby: on set, off camera. Smoke break (it was the 60's...).

18 February, 2014

From a current work-in-progress. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Mr. and Mrs. Chubby Cheekers.
You see, it's Chubby's birthday....

17 February, 2014

An unused sketch from my San Diego Opera excursion. Bought some new Tombo felt-tip brushpens just special for this trip--I had high hopes for these, forgetting that I'd used 'em before years ago and not got on with 'em. But I'd forgotten that, and in prep for this opera gig I'd dug up my old pens and did a few sketches--and I loved them! Real frothy with this ability to build up a line thru tone that is quite unique in my experience. They were old, (maybe 10 or even 20 years old??), basically unused all that time...so old that they were only good for a drawing or two before completely dying.

Here's an example of the OLD ones:
You can see the difference. Excited by this look, I bought six new pens...tried 'em out, but they didn't work at all. The new ones are way too wet, without any character to the line, and zero ability to generate tone.

So, a big dud.

Maybe I'll try and dry the new ones out by leaving the caps off for a while....

16 February, 2014

09 February, 2014

An off-the-cuff Kirby tribute that got out of hand....

07 February, 2014

Had a lunch-time sketch session today with the famous Joe Sanabria!

That's right...I'm just gonna post this as if I've been servicing this blog all along....