31 March, 2008

I had an early morning drive down to San Diego. I arrived around 7:30 AM and settled in at the SBUX in the Costa Verde strip mall--just across from UTC, near the tony San Diego enclave of La Jolla.

Is it me, or do these San Diegans seem more mellow than Angelenos (Angelenoes?)?

30 March, 2008

Seen at the fancy new SBUX in the El Segundo Plaza, an elaborate strip mall opened last year, built on the defunct oil fields bound by Sepulveda and Rosecrans, up on the refinery-ringed northern edge of Manhattan Beach.

It was Sunday morning. She was part of a big gaggle of high schoolers doing the group-study thang. They looked serious.

This sketch really captured my impression of her--don't worry, you can take my word for it.

And she wore Ugg Boots, too--'natch.

Bonus from Sunday's sitting. Spotted in line.

It was easy to work in the relaxed atmosphere of this SBUX (El Segundo Plaza, though this is a misnomer because as far as I can tell the patrons hail almost exclusively from Man. Beach or points south), with good music (lots of James Brown in the rotation right now), and lots of light--airy ceilings, new furniture, easy parking and ample outdoor seating, too.

I tried to buy another iced vanilla latte and the staff only charged me $1 for a coffee refill (though they gave me the espresso) + syrup.

I stuck with my 1/2 serving of the sweet stuff--I must avoid adult-onset diabetes at all costs. Even cutting back on sugar.

29 March, 2008

This lady looked like Karen Tumulty of Washinton Week In Review fame. I came home and tried to draw her from memory, (see below), but became frustrated and took a peek at a photo of Tumulty via Google. The result looks weirdly like a Don Martin character, (sorry, Karen), but evokes a little of her sullen vibrancy.

LOCATION & TIME: Starbucks at Rosecrans and Nash, 6:45 AM or so.

BEVERAGE: Venti Iced Vanilla Latte, but just three pumps of vanilla syrup (regular serving has 6).

My first two attempts, presented with proper humility. These emphasize a resilient belief in her fellow man.