29 October, 2010

A proper brush pen excursion. Northern Virginia, and more specifically, the suburbs of D.C. People look funny here. My drawing doesn't begin to define the dimensions of this uniqueness. Hard not to notice a certain hard-bitten homeliness that makes for a seriousness that is not the seriousness of airy academia. The massive magnetic pull of the capital it felt in every crease and line. Don't think much about the capital as a physical place at home, but you get near and suddenly you're imgining every person in line at the grocery store is a lobbyist.

Even the baristas.
UPDATE: I screwed up the post time for this--you were supposed to see it t 7:52 A.m.


zzzwap said...

Great drawings! What type of pens are you using? Have you posted a picture of them on your blog before? I noticed in an old ink drawing book by Henry Pitz that he mentions using a split brush. Is that what you used to get the parallel lines in these drawings? Really nice stuff.

Davis Chino said...

zzzwap! Thanks for the kind words. The pens I use are relatively inexpensive Japanese pens sold through a European clothing/stationary chain: Muji. The brushpens are 3 or 4 Euros--less than $5. I found them while over there--now I just order a bag of 20 or so every year. If you search this blog for "MUJI" you can find any posts talking about the pens.

As for the split-lines effect--that's just the brush wearing out. The tips will fray after a few vigorous scumblings. But then, don't we all?

Glad you liked the stuff! As the Anglophiles say, "Cheers!"

Zzzwap said...

Excellent! Thanks for the response. Hope to see more soon.