09 May, 2008

What a bad sketch morning. The 'Gundo SBUX was packed, but I never came to grips with thes churning pageant of coffee people. It is a mysterious thing, drawing--I've had a good streak the last few days, and then this morning--pffft.

Maybe I was too distracted trying to eavesdrop on the hushed conversation going on next to me. Two ladies, one looking like the adult daughter, the other like her mother, (though I am sure this was not their relationship), met each other in the long line and then sat beside me for almost an hour....

(Yes, I know, almost an hour sketching and this dull strip was the only thing I'm willing to post--I even started a second page--all dog bones--and then the sketchbook cried, "Have mercy! This paper is dying for nothing!").

I love to listen in on other people's conversations, (doesn't everyone?), but I have very poor hearing--a frustrating combination. The girl was intriguing, nicely dressed, good looking, no wedding ring--but near as I could tell, they spent most of the hour talking about real estate. What is this world coming to? Shouldn't they be sharing all sorts of guy-centric salaciousness?

OK, it was just a bad morning.

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