10 May, 2008

This blog is now officially being rolled out.

There has been interest expressed in the beverage I drink while sketching at (typically) Starbucks (henceforth referred to as SBUX). I have been holding steady with a Venti (the large) iced vanilla latte--but with just half the vanilla syrup (3 pumps instead of 6).

My hands were shaky today. Too much caffeine...or not enough?


rickart said...

Oh god, these drawings are so wonderful! I don't get to draw nearly enough!

Iced coffee, I wouldn't have guessed.

You have a very nice touch with the brush... how long have you been drawing with one regularly? I love the things (brush pens) myself, but I'm now so dependant on my computer I don't know if I still have the technique in me...

Davis Chino said...


Thanks, man! I have been drawing with these brush pens for a while now--going on three years? If you look back to earlier posts I link to the Muji website, where I get these babies).

But I would only give myself a C+ for "technique"...look at somebody like Marlo Meekins' work to see how much further the whole dexterity aspect of drawing with these sort of pens can be pushed. I can't flow my lines very far, or very straight. Practice does influence this--if I concentrate on straightening lines, and making parallel lines, after a week or so I can see improvement.

Also, Meekins and co. use a different sort of brush pen--a little stiffer in the bristles, I believe--closer to a felt pen.

One other note: these quickies of mine are small and (relatively) fast, so I'm concentrating more on "essence" and "truth" than dexterity.

Be nice to have more, tho'....