08 May, 2008

From last night's Matthew Yglesias appearance at the Nixon Library. This is the new library director, Tim Naftali (I'm on a linkin' tear). He introduced Mr. Yglesias and tried to convince us the library is now non-partisan.

And they are beginning to hold a wide-ranging series of lectures/book signings, so it's worth checking out (I relented and gave them my email address for event updates).

Mr. Naftali ("Tim") didn't really look this dour...his consistent expression as Mr. Yglesias talked about his book was more along the lines of "wry knowingness."

Also worth noting: the almost satirically hip new logo for the library.
The "X" gets all the attention, possibly prodding us toward the interpretation of Nixon as the great unknowable, the enigma; the unexpected and most un-Nixon-like psychedelic pattern on the "X" removes the man Nixon from the word Nixon, and offers us instead Nixon as Cultural Moment, one that encompasses both the Nixonian and anti-Nixonian impulses of its day.

Looks like it could be the logo for a new cologne... "NIXON: the scent of scandal."


Mr Goodson said...

Wow. I like the sketch. But I really like Nixon, the hint of scandal Put out some toilet water with that campaign and hire a crew to count the money

rickart said...

Ew... all I can think about is that sweaty upper lip... that's what I image the scent smelling like, nervous sweat.

Davis Chino said...

But Rick, don't you think that will sell? Consider all those heart-sick Boomers who long for "the good ol' days"....