13 May, 2008

This is the manager of the Douglas & Rosecrans SBUX. I am going for a more obviously stylized style, more like Marlo Meekins (the greatest caricaturist of all time)(look at her stuff and then look at this and you can see how tame my work is).

I made a couple of bad studies from life trying to get this sort of look, then came home, worked on it some more, and finally came up with this.

Funny is hard work. And I don't even think this is as funny as my "normal" style. But I'm always very dissatisfied with my whole-body shapes/compositions, so this drawing is a step toward improving that aspect.


rickart said...

I looks like you are paying too much for your coffee! ;)

MikeD said...

I heart Marty.

Davis Chino said...

Rick: I am.

Mike: heart back.