12 May, 2008

Went to the Hollywood Bowl Box Office on their opening day (Sat.) looking to buy six tickets for their July 5 show, "Bugs Bunny on Broadway." What a disaster. The box office opened at 10, I arrived at 10:30; we were told to line up for numbered wristbands, and that we would be called to the boxoffice line in groups based on our number. OK. So each of us had a number that was in order, i.e., the first person to get a wrist band had number 001, the second person 002, etc. I got number 698. Not bad compared to their annual concert attendance, but after an hour and a half of box office service, the ticket agents had only made it to number 70.

Still, not horrible.

The wristband method allowed those not on line to mill around until our number was called. Lots of people wandered away. I sat and drew for a while. There were the old here (ABOVE)...and the young (BELOW).

But I had a lunch date with Ellis. I originally thought I'd pick up the tix and drive back to Culver City to meet El for lunch. But that wasn't happening. Secure with my wristband, I figured I could just walk away from the box office for lunch with El and return a few hours later, when they'd probably be closer to my number. Ellis said he was game for meeting me in Hollywood, and suggested we meet at the Lucky Strike bowling alley at Highland and Hollywood Blvd. It was a quick walk downhill for me. We ate, talked, bowled a couple frames (he beat me both times, but I got one "strike" [a spare really, after an opening gutter-ball], and a couple legitimate spares--I could hold my head high, in other words). I got back to the box office at 3PM, figuring my number would surely be up...or they'd at least be in the 600's...right?

Not a chance. They were only up to 190. After 5 hours.

So I walked back down the hill and went to Grauman's Chinese to see Speed Racer. After an hour and change of that, I realized it would be more entertaining to go back and stand in line. So I walked out.

By five o'clock they'd only reached number 240. The box office was scheduled to close at 6PM, but they told us if we were physically there they would get to us, no matter how long it took.

Now, Ticketmaster had the same tickets for sale. I could just buy them online, I thought. But I was making a principled stand. I hate paying that $7.50 per ticket surcharge--it's outrageous. Ticketmaster is horrible, we all know this. But by 5:30 I was a broken man. I drove home and bought our tix on line.

Those pictured here were made of sterner stuff, I hope.

Crazed kid playing his DS. And onlooker. Remember, you can click on the drawings and they will grow much bigger--and better.

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Mr Goodson said...

Gad. That was a bad day. Never broke 100 bowling, speed racer, and no tickets. And nothing I hate more than waiting in a line.

But great sketches. I really like the extra bit of warp you're throwing into these. Reminds me of that Nat lamp cartoonist....MK Brown I believe it was. Great. Just have to remeber to check every day.