14 May, 2008

"Impatience at the coffee bar." The feet are not consistent. But they should be.

Observed two days ago. A rare break with my "drawn this morning, posted before noon" policy.


Tom Moon said...

All beautiful drawings Marty! I went to Marlo Meekins web site. What a talented artist. How do you know her? Have you worked with her?

Family of Food said...

Since you are drawing the coffee crowd, I have and official reason to add your blog to my Food As Art list on familyoffood.blogspot.com. Hope it brings you some visits.

Daughter of Food

rickart said...

I love seeing guys that don't belong in sweat pants in sweat pants.

Is coffee food or drink? Do you ever eat while at SBUX?

Davis Chino said...

Family of Food?!? My wife claims familiarity with your blog--and yet your identity remains a secret to us. I have to look into this...for now let me thank you for your kind linkage--there is no higher compliment in blogdom.

Tommy, I have met Ms. Meekins on a few occasions, but I would not claim she knows me. I've met her through a fellow instructor at Watts' school. Glad you like her stuff--she is amazing. Very, very original and inventive. The real thing. I'm just a piker.

Rick, I do eat at SBUX from time to time; I've had their yogurt/granola cup a few times for breakfast (a little pricey, and a little sweet, but good), and I've had quite a few of their breakfast sandwiches (like the whole grain english muffin "health" egg sandwich best), andI really like their turkey baguette lunch sandwich. It has cranberry sauce on it--or just cranberries, but they're very tasty. I like to get these for my meal if I am in an airport--they aren't any more expensive than any other airport food, and they usually taste much better, and you can bring them on the plane easily.

Hey, you asked.