18 March, 2013

One of the coolest parts of going to ECCC was meeting other like-minded artists. Rick and I (Rick who? Why, the indispensible Rick Schmitz, of course) were fortunate to have our table plunked into a row of superstar talent--Bruce Timm, Aaron Lopresti, and this man, Andy Suriano. Andy is a terrific artist who works for Disney (and worked on those new Mickey Mouse shorts--wow!). Art of Fiction has put out a super-nice, hardbound sketchbook of Andy's stuff--and he's one of those rare artists who deserves the honor. He bought a BPB Book (thanks, Andy!), and I brushed a quick tribute inside (Andy is a superb channeler of that Jack Kirby magic).

Check out this post on Andy's site--it shows a few of his ECCC sketches. Such great stuff...I was so bowled over I went up to him Sunday and said dude, I need an Andy original. Me commissioning another artist is a rare thing--but I just had to get a drawing. I insisted on paying. He asked what I wanted, and I gave him a two word answer: Big Barda. Nothing else. And he comes back with this. Battle armor! Evil minion! War club!!

I think he knocked it clear outta the park. So cool!


Beata said...

Too bad the pay sucks, and never mind the fact that it's disappearing as a career, but I think you'd have kicked butt as a courtroom artist.

Davis Chino said...

Ha! You are very kind, B....I think that would be a really fun job--for about a month!

I'd end up unable to resist the lure of making the drawings funny. That would be my downfall.

But, oh man, couldn't you just see how funny such drawings could be?!

Beata said...

All the more so because the one place that could use a hefty dose of levity is inside a courtroom.