07 March, 2013

Alex came up to the table, looked at our wares, paused at Rick's sketchbook and asked, "Can you make a drawing like this?" I told him that was my tablemate, and that tablemate happened to be out on the floor with his family for the next little while...did he want me to do a drawing in the meantime?

"Yeah...I guess."

He didn't sound too enthused.

"I'll make it cartoony. What would you like me to draw?"

"A German Shepherd."


(Thank goodness he had his phone with a couple (bad) photos. But, still....)

I went all out. Rick showed up and he got his Schmitz drawing, but he seemed really pleased with what I did, too (note bandages on forelegs--recent vet visit, hence sad dog look).



Beata said...

So, umm, ...
Did you leave out anything crucial from your story? Like perhaps the part where - before you finished the drawing - Alex decided to change his name to Emily?

(Great samples from both of you, btw.)

Davis Chino said...


No, Alex (the boy) was commissioning a gift for Emily (the girl).

I think there was some level of amour fou going on...hope our little sketches did him right, and didn't torpedo him in the lass's heart.