04 February, 2013

So the estimable Rick Schmitz got it into his head that those of us affiliated with the long-standing T.A.G. Blog, (and, afore that, the actual Tuesday Art Group of San Diego, founded by the late Shel Dorff, originator of the famous San Diego Comic Con), should collaborate on a book.

A T.A.G. Annual Sampler, if you will (tho' everyone else spells it "TAG").

After a lot of cat-herding and late night layout, that book is done. I have a story in it (The Teen Ellis), which is a five-page humor piece. I also did the cover, which you see above. Rick did the coloring, which you can see on the final book HERE.

And you can buy it HERE. We self-published thru Lulu, where the book is available at cost. Which is a deal, I think.

The final book exceeded my expectations--the art is all so varied, and all of it is interesting. Most of it is non-narrative (character design, gag drawings, etc.), but there are a few stories peppered thru-out, (fer instance, Rick's CREEPLE). One happy outcome of all this: everyone who contributed is more fired up than ever to do a second edition--and everyone who skipped this one wants to be involved in a second. So we are truly looking at the first of an annual thing here.

It all came together beautifully, (great job, Rick!), and makes for a really good reading experience. You'll love it.

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