28 September, 2012

This guy was too much--student body pres., philosophy major (and honestly, sounded dang bright). He spoke at the inauguration, and did so with a confidence and ease that I would have found impossible to even recognize, let alone execute at age 22. Props.  Yes, that's a bandana on the head...a harsh observer might accuse him of overly self-conscious David Foster Wallace (famed author/recent suicide) wannabe (DFW himself is probably best known for his commencement address to Kenyon College grads). But I don't want to be harsh.

David Foster Wallace: everyone talks about his monumental "Infinte Jest"--I haven't read it yet--but I really liked his first novel, "The Broom of the System." Perfect as an Audible book-on-digi-tape.)

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MrGoodson2 said...

DFW are also initials for Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC. The F middle initial was bestowed on him by his public for his habit of having every sentence contain the word f*ck.

Great drawings.

I'll comment specifically of the film frame drawing.

I'm trying to follow or be a member. It has some sort of auto fill for the google membership. It doesn't like that autofilled password. And I'm already signed in and using a google identity.

So it's likely to kick my butt and keep me out. But I'm a follower in spirit.