14 April, 2011

I found this one looking for some older sketches--I neglected to post this back-in-the-day (a phrase Dear Wife tells me is a favorite among the UCI undergrads ...let's all mull the irony of that for a minute....).

Anyhow, does it not look exactly like the sort of strong but sensitive drawing you'd expect to see in the sketchbook of an alternative-type graphic novelist? She looks like you'd see her in the pages of Ghostworld, or a Charles Burns book, doesn't she?

I don't know if that's good or bad...but I like the drawing. And I esp'ly like that it was done in traffic court. Maybe this represents my brushpen at its most upstanding, its most contrite. Trying to be a good citizen by dignifying my fellow man.

Hey, that's what I try to do with every post!

p.s. note the offense that brought me to court!

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