15 April, 2011

Hello art lovers! I've started a new spin-off blog called Brush Pen Paris. Over there I'll be posting pieces done in and about the City o' Light. Some will be epic panoramas like the one above, others little studies and pencil sketches made on scene. It's all in support of a book project. Yes, I'm finally collecting all those travel sketches and getting them bound up for your purchase and pleasure.

You'll love 'em!

So check it out when you have a moment. The pace of posting will be slower than here, but more in depth. Fer instance, right now I'm showing the sketches that went into this piece and talking about the process, the people in the picture, and the place itself--in this case, the bar at the famous Hemingway hang-out, the Closerie des Lilas.

So check it out!


Zzzwap said...

Great stuff! Just wondering.. you have a brainy non-art day job and just happen to be a very talented draftsman that makes enough drawings to have regular blog(s) posts? :)

Davis Chino said...


No, I'm just a freelancing sculptor/storyboarder. I am workin' hard to get some of these drawings published--once that happens, I'll be on easy street!

In the meantime, I just enjoy sharing this stuff. It's a real joy to hear from someone who gets a kick out of one of my drawings. So thank you mucho! I'm so glad you like the work!

Zzzwap said...

Oh, I don't know how I got the day job idea. I do check in on your work frequently but don't want to hog up the comments section! I'm sure you'll find a worthy outlet for your work - it is quite good.

Do you use Twitter? It's a great place to introduce yourself and your art to folks who might not have seen your blogs. I share work and conversation with many other artists on Twitter. If you do go there drop me a line to say hello (@Zzzwap). Cheers.

Chloe Cumming said...

I love that illustration, so evocative, you'd look at it and assume it was from the past when everyone could draw. Also, I like it and it gives me pleasure, I hope you get a publisher.

How's the freelance storyboard business? I am curious...

Davis Chino said...


The freelance storyboard biz is terrible!

It would help if I self-promoted more. And lived in LA. But at the moment I'm happy to be working on a few "personal"projects. Like the Paris Sketchbook.

Thanks so much for your kind words--they mean a lot coming from a pro like yourself.

@ Zzzwap--the Twitter is a great suggestion. I'll have to give you a follow. And so glad you like the work! Thanks for the compliments--and comments!