21 April, 2011

Had a dream this month's Happy Meal Toy was The Addams Family (in classic John Astin-led form). And not just run-o-the-mill human Addams Family, but now with demon fly form.

You can return to human form by pressing a button: fly wings retract, plastic feet deploy.
Never watched much Addams Family, (being a car enthusiast, it was all Munsters for me), but now, as a mature adult with a marriage of my own, I can really appreciate the sexually charged relationship between Gomez and Morticia--so preferable to Herman's saccharine, mother-son vibe with Lily.

I am proud that this was drawn completely from memory, except Wednesday (?? the little girl), who I originally remembered as bean-pole tall. After sketching everyone I wanted to check what kind of coat Gomez wore--a day coat or dbl breasted?--and seeing Google Images, I knew I had to correct my Wednesday interpretation (must have been Christina Ricci's mom for the original series).

So I folded...so what? (and look how bad that "activating hand" looks!)

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