13 September, 2009

Rough morning on the trail. Blair and I set out for the 4-plus mile loop at Casper Wilderness Park--her running, me riding. This sounds like a bad mix, runner vs. rider, but it's been fun the two times we've done it--I get ahead and then ride back to check on her, then re-ride the trail forward--and she's never that far behind me!

Why do I check on her? There are many signs in this park warning of MOUNTAIN LION ATTACK. Yes, a lady was slain by a wild mountain lion here years ago, and apparently the lions still roam freely. Less than a mile in on our run today we were treated to a sign of their evil ways: a blanket of white feathers scattered over a crest in the road. Blair said she saw lots of tracks, too. "Lion tracks?" I asked. "Yes--big, cat-like tracks. Mountain lions."

We remained wary.

But today's drawing illustrates an unhappy moment that happened where Bell Canyon ends and we veer onto a suddenly steep and scrabble-surfaced hillside trail. I knew from the first few minutes out this morning that I was going to have a subpar day--my legs were still sore from physical therapy and I don't know what, because I haven't ridden much this week. But once we hit this hill, I blew up. Couldn't make it up the scrabbliest opening stretch, even after taking a second run at it. Walked the bike up to a little flat stretch where I could remount and assault the next leg. Blair was waiting for me. We took off together and you can see what happened in the pic. She killed me!

Sometimes the bike just seems like a liability.

Should I mention that this stretch of the trail is called "Cougar Ridge"? I don't mean anything by that!

But I came home to great news--we're up over $1,000!! Thanks Ed & Erin, you guys huffed us over the top of that first big hurdle. I am grateful.

Go ahead and join in the fun!!


Brian said...

she totally left you in the dust, pal.
geeze, man, don't get ate!

rickart said...

Cougars are pushovers... just look at Snaglepuss.

That bunny seems sympathetic, if not very helpful.

Glad to see you back and sharing your drawings. I've got a big long flight tomorrow, so perhaps I will do some drawings, too.

Kali Fontecchio said...