14 September, 2009

I am in shock--I am feeling the cold creep of fear. I just downloaded the course map and elevation for the 90 mile LIVESTRONG ride in Austin--the one in 'bout six weeks?

Well, see for yourself.

Almost 3,000 feet of climbing! I'd given this a look when signing up, and it didn't look SO horrible--I mean it goes up, it goes down, but there's no mountains, right? I didn't read the fine print.

I thought Texas was flat!!

I find this daunting. But not impossible. In the spirit of this revelation, I am heading out on a 60+ miler that will take me from our front door in Irvine to someplace in Encinitas by noon today.

Yes, on my bike, you wiseacres.

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MikeD said...

Practice the downhills as much as the uphills -- if you don't get comfortable on the descents you won't relax and get the rest you need before the next climb.