17 September, 2008

"Life Imitating Art, part 496"

Or, "My Fantagraphic Moment."

Spotted this guy at our local Rubio's. I noticed him and thought damn, he looks like that weird character (Dr. Wilde?) in Daniel Clowes' "Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron" (the man with glasses who works with the dwarf girl writing the pornography--you can see a scan of said Dr. hovering over our friend's shoulder) ( disclaimer--this is a poor drawing done the day after in a rushed hand--my drawing looks more like the "Ice Haven" character Wilder-something (ah ha, a trend!)). (Sorry for the double parenthetical without proper bracing.)

This guy was reading--fully engrossed--and I looked to see what he's got. And it's Clowes' book, "Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron." I kid you not. The mathematics of the situation stupefy.

And he absolutely looked like a man inspecting his own biography.

Uncanny freaky. How many people do you see reading that book (ten years old now??) in public? I'm still reeling....

p.s. A funny domestic note: as I was marveling at all this (the face, the book), Dear Wife and I were talking about VIetnam. Her Uncle Charlie was in the Navy at the time. We discussed that, then got more in-depth about the war and the specifics of a moment in time that's almost impossible to imagine for us. I wrapped it all up by saying, "Charlie don't surf."

Blank stare. "Charlie...?" Did I mean her Uncle? She didn't know what I was talking about.

I love when she shows her innocence like that!! To be treasured!!


rickart said...

Great story! I was in a Starbucks this morning... I had given myself a ton of time to get into town this morning and I had some time to kill. The first day went well... Popcap is a great company and I'm feeling pretty good about the move.

Davis Chino said...

DUDE! Congrats on the new job!! I just got an email from Linked-In announcing your elevation--cool!!

And glad you liked the story--it's all true!