19 September, 2008

Hey! A real brush pen drawing! Alright!

This one is so spot-on. Done while waiting for Ellis and Ranjo to join me for dinner and a screening of "Tropic Thunder." Lots of laughs, and not just the movie.


rickart said...

Lucky! I want to go to the movies with you guys!

MikeD said...

It's Zira!

Dok said...

That's a wonderful drawing Mr D.

EAMO said...

I love your illustrations! I was just searching the web for a new brush pen to use (updating from a cheap craft store type) and I found your blog! Wow! Incredible. So what type of brush pen do you use?

Davis Chino said...

Hey Eamo! Thanks for the compliments--I'm going to check out your site, too. The pens are from a company called Muji--and they're cheap for as good as they are (tho' they do break down after a bit)
Muji's at http://www.muji.eu/index.asp?Lan=UK

Look for the brushpen. I think they're 3 or 4 British pounds.

Thanks again for the kind words!