27 May, 2008

I've been late posting, an online sin as inexcusable as it is pervasive.

On this day, I accompanied Dear Wife to the Getty Research Library where she researched and wrote, and I libraried and worked on the upcoming "Paris Sketches" book (it's promising!). We rewarded ourselves with a screening of the new Claude Lelouch film, "Roman de Gare" ("Train Tracks," I think), and IT WAS FANTASTIC. The best movie I've seen in a long while. And not for obscure or avant-garde reasons--it's great for the same reasons Hollywood movies of the '40's-'60's are great. There's the pure pleasure of suspense, AND SO MUCH MORE. Maybe it's so good because it seems like it's made by people who have lived some life, not just "life-in-Hollywood."

Highly recommended.

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