28 May, 2008

The book industry is holding their annual big event in LA, BOOK EXPO AMERICA 2008. I will be attending. Today was the Writers Conference, an event held before the big Expo's kickoff, and it exceeded expectations. Met a lot of professional people, and even had a chance to pitch my "Paris Sketches" book to a bunch of agents (good response, but lots of work left to do). That part of the day was called the "Pitch Slam:" 50 literary agents assembled to receive our three minute pitches. Sounds cheesy, but it was just the opposite. The agents were legit, and very encouraging to all, and (most surprisingly) the vast majority of the writers were legit (meaning that for an event held in LA, I saw NOT EVEN ONE obvious nutcase--which must be a sort of record).

Also cool: an exhibitor from an unnamed publisher gifted me an exhibitor's badge ( a huge savings). Then she gave me a tip about the expo: do not try to solicit work on the floor.

Must have thought I was a hooker.

It happens.


rickart said...

It must have been the way you were dressed... natural assumption.

Mr Goodson said...

Sounds like an exciting event. Beautiful sketches as usual.