19 May, 2008

Beach weather is back. Bikinis under tank tops and shorts. The flapping of flip-flops everywhere.

This morning it felt like a holiday. The fellas at the Douglas & Rosecrans SBUX commented on it, too. Light traffic this AM until about 9:30.

A man was rooting through the shelves of merchandise and managed to upset a large glass coffee pot--it was empty, but on its way down it collided with his cup of coffee and both exploded on the tile floor. Good stuff. The manager (depicted here last Tuesday toting a bag of beans) was right on it.

No other casualties to report. (And yes, I finagled the fingers in Photoshop.)


rickart said...

The torso is really nicely done, but I think that we shouldn't be able to see so much of her forearm.

Love the face, too.

Davis Chino said...

A good point. I was trying to push the smallness of the ribcage and the exaggerated self-love of wrapping your own arm that far around your body. I wanted it to look unnatural, but maybe I went too far.

Going too far is a good thing!

rickart said...

I hadn’t noticed it until I read the part about fiddling with the fingers. As far as exaggeration goes, it’s just fine. I know that you look for critique and not just slavish admiration of your remarkable talent (which is my natural state when looking at your drawings). So I scrutinize your drawings for things that I think you would like to have pointed out to you.

Also, it’s exactly the sort of thing I do in drawings all the time, so I’m trying to reinforce my ability to see that sort of thing in my own drawings.

BTW, I love the hair on the woman in the post after this one… really nicely done.