09 April, 2008

I liked this one. From yesterday.
I started to fill in the black silhouette of the fashionista chick, but that was going to ruin it--or at least trash the nice feeling of the outline.
This drawing might be nice redrawn in a more finished way, with the black filled-in. What I failed to capture here was what drew me to her: the gangly eccentricity of her body--her neck was longer, and her head pivoted oddly off of it at the top of her 6' 3" physique.

The writing at the bottom is my commentary on the conversation being held at my elbow. O, the humanity!

I should note these drawings came from my first venture to a SBUX I used to pass on the way to work--it's on Sepulveda, just south of LAX (cross street of Grand?). It was hoppin'! I got a great seat. The line consistently had 10 to 20 patrons waiting to order.

Yes, patrons. Like SBUX, I respect my fellow latte-sippers (it's a given we're all voting for Obama).

Funny note on that: a couple sitting in front of me (striking because the guy was completely silent for 45 minutes as the girl talked at a very deliberate pace the entire time--I don't really see that so often, whatever the stereotypes floating out there)--they were waiting for a plane, and the whole time she was talking about the election, but from a weirdly insider-perspective. They were travelling for work, and it sounded like they were on their way to Colorado for some political purpose, I think they had some connection to the McCain camp (??? they didn't look it)(McCain had been in S.D. the day before at some event they were talking about)--maybe they were press? Maybe press-liasons or publicity consultants or PR flaks or something? Sorry, but I not only have a hard time talking while I draw, I have a hard time listening, too. But they sounded respectful of Obama, and a little flummoxed about his resilience. The tone of dry professionalism dominated, though.

Just thought you'd like that. Wish I would have done a better job listening to them, but with the guy's near-total silence and the girl's avidity, I felt self-conscious paying too much attention.

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