08 April, 2008


This is a typical page, maybe a little busier than most. I'm drawing in a Holbein "Multi-Drawing Book", 3F in size, which is a Japanese/Euro designation I think? It's 9" by 10.5". Nice sturdy paper that allows me to ink on both sides of the page without any bleed-thru worries--very economical.

Today's pen was a Faber-Castell "PITT Artist Pen" in black. It's a felt-tip that weakly imitates a proper brush--there are better felt-tip "brush" pens than this, but I thought I'd give this a try. The ink is pretty transparent so all the overlaps show--I find that distracting compared to the merging blacks of my Muji pens. And that Pentel Japanese brush pen I picked up in France is the best at giving dark blacks--I think the majority of my drawings here have been drawn with the Pentel, come to think of it.

No pencil or under-drawing with these. All done from life unless done from memory--no photo reference (except for Karen Tumulty, way back). I am not against the use of photos, but the purpose of these drawings is to train my eye to grab the "essence of life from life being lived before my eyes"...or something like that.

So I will take a page like this, scan it, and dice it up into little bite-sized images.

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pantagruel said...

I really dig these, man. Your line work is cool. Looking at your work, I don't think I would've shown you my sketches if I knew you were this good. You were too kind on Friday. :)

Do you have your sculptures up anywhere on the web? And what kind of pen are you using?