17 September, 2012

Pillow Talk. These days I'm not letting myself just sit and watch a movie without trying to sketch it.  (And why, you might ask, am I sitting waching something like "Pillow Talk"? Good question....)
I've found that drawing from old movies with proper movie stars really makes a difference. In the olden days, everyone's features tended to be very distinct. We don't have a DVR with pause and slow-mo, etc., so I just have to draw as the movie unspools. Even tho' a lot of the sketches wind up funky (and unrecognizable) this way, sometimes an unpredictable,  almost subliminal likeness appears. The drawing shows you something in the actor's features/personality you might not have discovered otherwise.

Other times, you just get crappy drawings and long for the ability to sit down with a photo and get the person RIGHT.

Tony Randall, Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and yes, Nick Adams as the Harvard Boy.


MrGoodson2 said...

These are great. Doris is very good. Gave her enough skull for those big ideas. I right click saved them.

Davis Chino said...

El, I did the Nick Adams specifically with you in mind.