22 September, 2012

Dangit, totally missed my new Friday Film Frame.

A belated "Merry Widow," a 1925 Erich von Stroheim silent, a movie unexcelled in portraying diabolical Prussian officers.

That Mae Questal was quite a fire cracker!

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MrGoodson2 said...

Really dig the Friday Film Frame concept. I may have seen this in a College film class. Great source for drawings because the lighting and photography are always gorgeous.

Since you're taking these into photoshop anyway, I recommend an experiment. (something I've decided for myself in the future.)
DO sketch on a single page and get a big gang of sketches.
But then lasso the drawings indivually, copy, make new, paste, flatten. And save each drawing on the gang page separately and post them.
See what you think of that as impactful vs a page of ganged art. I decided I did't like Stephen Silver's tendency to do this.
You end up with a Jack Hamm effect. Art that is solid gold but forms a less appealing image.
Of course, love Jack Hamm. He may have managed to cram everything anyone needs to know about cartoons into Cartooning The Head and Figure