14 December, 2011

From the wilds of Virginia, a birthday card interior for Biz. He got to go to the Dallas game last Sunday! Said it was great, even if the Cowboys lost.

(Yeah, guess I missed a few days with the move and all....)


Joseph Sanabria said...

That rocks, so much attention to detail yet really fresh and expressive!

jrude said...

Amazing!! You ever think about working for mad magazine??! Or is this something you've already done that I don't know about? :)

Davis Chino said...

Fellas, thanks so mucho!

And no, (bless you), I have not done this for Mad magazine...guess I shoulda pursued it, tho', huh? (Didn't think the world wanted another second-rate Jack Davis/Mort Drucker...but come to think of it, a second rate version of them is pro'ly better than most anything else available today!)