02 October, 2011

Why does this couple look so happy?
Maybe they went to San Luis Obispo and checked into a hotel called The Madonna Inn. They probably spent the night in a room like this:
We were assigned this room Wednesday night--room 139, "JUNGLE ROCK." My worry was that the place would be run down, and seedy. Not the case at all. Those are real rocks--giant boulders, really.

The entire hotel has been expertly assembled back in the 40's-50's, and it still looks...rock solid.
Lots of great details everywhere--the shower was an all-rock waterfall! Even if you don't stay, pull off the 101 and check out the cafe/restaurant and the bathrooms downstairs. All I can say is...whoa.


Family of Food said...

I went there as a child and I have wanted to go back ever since.

Rickart said...

Yup... when you grow up in Santa Barbara you stop for a look (but never stay) at the Madonna Inn. Very trippy.