09 August, 2011

For 15 miles of the drive home yesterday, I was followed by a hearse....

Curious, I slowed to let it pass and saw it was a Lincoln Town Car, stretched and reconfigured for coffin transportation. They'd done a good job modifying the body--the rear fenderline was particularly graceful when enlongated.

But all I could see of the driver was an enigmatic outline--and a very casual, confident hand resting atop the wheel.

Who could be piloting this thing? In late afternoon traffic, the question seemed significant, so I maneuvered for a closer look....

He had a great Magnum P.I., devil-may-care vibe, (cigar, baseball cap, mustache, Ray-Bans).

And this made him seem all the more believable as Death on a Mission.

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E. Scott Menter said...

I saw an episode of "How It's Made" once that showed how they make a Hearse. Basically it's a limo (the one on that episode was a Cadillac, I think, although a Towncar seems more appropriate somehow). They slice it in half, stick in another section, and weld it all together.

In the (totally awesome) movie "Harold and Maude", Harold, who is consumed by thoughts of death, turns the sports car his mom buys him into a mini-Hearse. Very cool.