22 July, 2011

This year's Annual T.A.G. San Diego ComicCon Dinner took place at City Deli. Lots of laughs and good eats (all flavored vodkas were $5--flustered bartender when I asked for the Nutella Absolut).

You can see our Captain America reax at the World Famous T.A.G. Blog.

Spotted dining (with attendant links):
Scott Benefield (of CORK and Ghost Provokers fame)....
Tom Carrol showed up accompanied by Johnny B. Gerardy and his femme Emily....
Jimmy Gorham is a force of nature... but he's cagey about links. I'm working on him....
Jeff Ranjo was there, but posts exclusively to Facebook now... friend him and feel the fresh air of his great wit and great drawing.

And hey--kick in some coin for Scott's Ghost Provokers project!

This was a chef at Disneyland.

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