12 May, 2011

When you click on him,
you see him twice
his original size: cool!
You've got to guard against repeating yourself. Especially with life drawing--the kind of life drawing done in public. If you only get a minute (or less) to look at your subject (and you can't stare!), you are working as much from previously knowledge as what you are seeing. Like this guy. I saw his whole head and thought, oooh, that's a good head!

But then his lunch partner sat down and blocked the lower half of his face--and to cap it off, he put on sunglasses. So I had maybe a 10 - 20 second look at him before "losing access".

The result isn't bad, but from the bridge of the nose down it wants for specificity.

And a sideburn.


Felt said...

Looks like Paul Auster. You weren't in Brooklyn, were you?

Davis Chino said...

FELT! It's crazy, with all the Blogger mayhem of the last couple days, your comment was zapped.

But to answer your question, no--I don't think it was Paul Auster hangin' at the Orange Co. Veggie Grill (although it would be hard to do better it were veggie fare he sought....)!

Thanks for the (Blogger disintegrated) comment!