18 May, 2011

Spotted on an episode of The Rifleman.

Buddy Hackett!! And he was MEAN!
UPDATE: @ John Wayne Airport and just got my best-ever Starbuck's name-warp on my cup:


Zzzwap said...

You are on a roll lately with some killer drawings and that is one mean Buddy Hackett! By the way, I don't get to Starbucks too often, what is a name-warp?

Davis Chino said...

Zzzwap! Thanks for the compliment!

"Name-warp" is something Blair came up with as a way to describe the phenomenon of someone mis-hearing your name; in my case, they heard "Marty" as "Bermie." Not limited to Starbucks....

I tell you, it's going on my personalized plates now! BERMIEZ