01 May, 2011

I post my (tame) rant against XM/Sirius Radio's lack of solicitude, and guess who calls me the very next day? (5 months for $25 bucks? SIGN US UP!)

Perhaps this blog is more widely read than I thought? 

(Would have been even better if it proved a con job--some kind of internet scam generated from the kernel of my public complaint: "Um, hello *heavy Ukrainian accent* we vould like to resume your sputnik--errr, satellite radio, but firsting, vee vill need credit card number....")

My pal Carls, brilliant on many fronts and always at work developing something, asked if he could film me drawing and talking about the human head.  Just basics. When Carls has it ready for prime-time, I'll post a link. Haven't been drawing in this "academic" style for a while, but working off the rust proved...entertaining.


Felt said...

What does your friend plan on doing with the film? I've seen some artists post fast-motion video of their entire execution of a work- from start to finish- and it can be amazing, a true learning experience.

Davis Chino said...

Hi Felt!

Carlo is helping set-up a CG/Art teaching site. It sounds like it'll be really cool--both for anyone who wants to contribute "lessons" and people interested in learning.

It won't be "fast-motion" but I try to draw pretty quick! (and you can always fast-forward for the same effect...) This drawing was done over 20 minutes or so while explaining what I'm doing--and there's a front view head beside it that I'm drawing simultaneously, but just didn't include it here.

Thanks for the comment! I will definitely share the link when it Carlo gets the lesson up.