28 April, 2011

Spotted in the Peet's parking lot yesterday. Me and dear wife in 20 years. I love the family combo of Swedish sturdy and German gwelte-sport (I just made that up).  They weren't fighting or anything--they seemed to be handling the whole thing with aplomb...but maybe that's the hat influencing me.

It took me five pages and many, many iterations to get even this (kinda weak) drawing. Just not happening this morning.

But hey, I'm good at the roadside tire change--esp'ly on a Boxster.
UPDATE: I got bugged by how pinched the Volvo looked at the edge o the frame. SO sue me.
And thanks fer the shout out, Zzwap!


Zzzwap said...

Brilliant! Love the heavy lines on the Porsche but really like the whole drawing. Nice work!

Davis Chino said...

Thanks ZZZWAP!

You know what I just realized--I screwed up in this drawing. Guy had the rare hard-top attached to his car. Oof. That's what I get drawing from memory.

Forgive me!

Zzzwap said...

Well for whatever reason you must have wanted to draw the open top. That's the beauty of artistic license. But you did such a great job on the car! And the guy could be a cartoon version of a character from the old sitcom My Three Sons. Do you know that show?

Davis Chino said...

Do I know "My 3 Sons??"

Fred McMuray, Bill Demarest...and three animated shoes! I love the comparison!