29 April, 2011

Hello art lovers!

This Caravaggio makes me think of that famous Fred Moore rejoinder; being the Disney studio's resident Mickey Mouse expert (circa '35-'41), Fred was asked how he'd draw 'the Mouse' from above.

"Why would you want to?" Freddy quipped.

This is from a very strange ceiling painting Caravaggio did in the Casino Ludovisi (sometimes called the Casino Aurora) in Rome. It's his only ceiling painting. It's small. It's got an incredible silvery palette that looks ground from fresh fish scales.

And it's a worm's eye view of naked men (including the poop hole!).

People wonder why ceiling painting went outta style....

(The head on Neptune's sea horse looks particularly awkward, doesn't it? The underside of a horse head is the worst. Those dogs seem to be sayin', "Get me outta here!")

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