01 April, 2011


Strange neighbor girl (no older than 4) accosted Blair yesterday and demanded to know if she had "any babies."
"No, we don't." Blair answered.
"Why--are they dead?" Girl asked without missing a beat.
"Uh, no...."
Brother (age five?) rode up on his bike and said, "You can buy a kid," as sister asks, "You got a boyfriend?"
Can buy a kid??"Uh, no, I have a husband--"
"--Where is he--he leave you?" The little girl spoke in a hard-bitten baby-talk.
"He's working. I'm going to close the garage door now...."
Brother chimes in, "You can buy me."
"Bye kids!"
Garage door closes.

Orange County...sigh.

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pph said...

this is a readymade rock'n'roll lifestyles comic!