06 April, 2011

 CLICK HERE to see this image grafted into my mock E.C. Horror cover, TALES from the CORK!

This image came about as a "tribute" drawing for my friend Scott Benefield--he does a comic strip called "CORK" that I really enjoy. My inspiration comes from Jack Davis (sadly, no relation), who was the master of the Horror comic book cover. He did the best of the old E.C. Comics like "Tales from the Crypt"...and also many of the early Mad Magazines (and a great Mad knock-off called...Yak Yak?). When I do comic-type work, my style naturally veers this way (could it be the genes?), so a task like this was a good fit. And loads of fun. I really enjoyed doing it.

Now people want me to do a comic story to go along with it--with work as slow as it is, I just might!


Tom Moon said...

Where are you working now Marty?

Davis Chino said...

At my kitchen table!