19 August, 2010

Still on a Kirby Kick. These are from his old work with Joe Simon, before he really started drawing solid figures. It's bracing to see how "straight" they look when I reinterpret them--the lady looks like Buscema to me, which is totally disappointing! I want to look like Kirby! The man is better, but he looks Jack circa '62, where my source is Jack circa '47 (when he was still a little wobbly--due as much the speed he had to draw 'em, I guess).

(and think o' that...a gap of '47 to '62?!? And those 15 years span the part of his career BEFORE the Marvel explosion. It makes you think!)

I've been experiencing computer woes. Reduced to photographing drawings and importing 'em that way. I'm trying to get myself sorted.

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