28 January, 2010

It takes a nation of millions to...

One last note on my earlier Blog Odyssey:

Worst art on my tour (worst by a Lao-Tzu mile) was painfully incompetent pencil copies of some Manga characters (and I'm talking pages of these things). As if these weren't tortuous enough, they were juxtaposed with a blog header that carried quotes by Mark Levin, (just kinda typical straw-man hater), and a Tweet column that carried author's multiple entreaties for the "MSM" to realize Harry Reid is a racist. All while the automated music from some Elf-World MMO Anthem played.


The world's angriest Manga copyiest? Just a funny juxtaposition. Most surprisingly, most of the pro Manga posted wasn't remotely violent--it was all cute-cuddly stuff, and young, young chicks. Thank gawd nothing porn-ish.

Very funny to read posts on "Statists" and the need for a coup (here, in America, in case you were confused) interrupted by long meditations on Shiori of Kanon and how cute Kairyiu is. And posts of "Can I Has Cheezburgr Pleez"-type rabbits (??).

Sorry, this blog was so vile, I'm gonna have to post some of their art. Does that make me a bully?

Their faves:

Their own work:

Coming to take over America.

We report, you decide.

--Stephen Crane

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