11 September, 2009

Last night I sent out my letter asking/imploring/badgering friends to donate to The LIVESTRONG Challenge in memory of my pal Paul Fix. And the response has been great! It is really a good feeling to be supported by so many. If you've donated, thank you! And if you haven't yet, it's easy!

And as if on cue, who should show up in L.A. yesterday but none other than Mr. LIVESTRONG, Lance hisself. A few hundred people met him in Griffith Park and went for a ride--check it out in the L.A. Times this AM.

My knee's a little sore so I'm just going on a little ride to lunch--lunch with the estimable Mike D., Ed Schofield, and J.Q.--all the top-notchiest of top-notch animators. I'll put up a Mike/Ed/Marty drawing after lunch! Fer now, here's this...

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