20 September, 2009

It just feels totally wrong now to post a simple face without a story. There are those who would argue every face tells a story--or maybe, every face properly observed and recorded tells a story. But where's the bike stuff, the humor, the drama in that?

Where are the fund-raising pleas?

They're here.

And even though this lady is crying, I am feeling less blue thanks to our latest donors, Debbie Fix and Heather Volkoff! Your donations are wonderful and most appreciated. Debbie is Paul's sister and one of the coolest people you could ever hope to meet. I call her the conscience of Team Sunscreen--not that the members of Team Sunscreen lacked for conscience--! And Heather is an amie from my grade-school days who had never even met Paul, but was moved by his story (and my badgering).

Thank you ladies!

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