27 August, 2009

CRIMEWAVE! The movie. An Ellis recommendation. I sketched for the first thirty minutes or so, and then--DISASTER. My limp-wristed grip (good for flicking fine lines and adding energy to my work) failed me, and my brush pen went whizzing out of my hand--and smack into the center of a cushion on our newly upholstered couch.


Blair tried to clean it off--and she did a good job!--but it's not perfect. She is distraught.

SO there was no more sketching of CRIMEWAVE. That means no chance to do Tomothy Carrey (sp?). Sorry Ellis.

Here's more of the page. And yes, that's a young Charles Bronson. My Sterling Hayden is unrecognizable....

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MrGoodson2 said...

Sorry to hear about the couch. I was resposible for a similar event on one of Jeff Ranjo's couch. Real India ink in a large bottle was the culprit. Hopeless to even think about getting the stain out. Not even a stain at that point. More of a dye job.